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Complete Player Program

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Complete Player Program

Complete Player ProgramThis program is designed to enable players to transform themselves into the complete baseball player by focusing their skills on and off the field along with pushing you pass the limits and beyond your current capabilities with over 120 hours of position specific baseball instruction and over 120 hours of sweat and intense Strength and Conditioning!!!

It will involve baseball skills dealing with the dynamics and fundamentals of fielding, hitting and base running, but also concentrating on strengthening the body with an intense Strength and Conditioning program to become a better athlete in order to make those tougher plays on the field become easy, and second nature. On top of all this there will be detailed video analysis taken of each player to effectively improve the end product of their transformation over this winter high performance camp.



  • Path and routes to take to the baseball on various ground balls
  • Having the hands and feet working as one unit
  • Arm path and arm actions
  • Situational components of the game
  • Technique and mechanics on groundballs


  • Routes and angles to baseball
  • Footwork
  • How to work your momentum in a positive manner
  • Catching techniques
  • Improving site of ball in hitting zone with vision drills

Base running

  • Proper primary and secondary leads and how to make them efficient
  • Pitch trajectory and what are the benefits of picking up the pitch before it hits the plate
  • Picking up motions of the pitcher and what to do in certain situations
  • Leads off second base according to what the situation is
  • Learning how to read a pitcher and helpful hints


  • Vision analysis
  • Detailed hitting mechanics instruction
  • Learning how to get the barrel of the bat through the hitting zone longer
  • Breaking down of the upper half to the lower half
  • Mental approach
  • Hitting approach within certain counts

Strength and Conditioning

  • Speed
  • Quickness
  • Reaction
  • Power and explosion
  • Proper running form
  • Agility
  • Improving core strength

Video Analysis

  • There will be video analysis taken periodically throughout the 7 months of training, to make sure there is steady attention to the development of the player on the field. This will help the player and parent see progress, along with skills that have to be worked on.

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